Our Recipes

Each ingredient that we add is chosen for its nutrional value and biological appropriateness.

Our recipes are based on the biological requirements of dogs and made strictly from human grade products.   We make our raw food on site in small batches in order to ensure quality and consistency.

We prefer to use a single protein design in order to make it simple for dogs which may have allergies; however, these single protein formulas also help to promote diversity in the diet.  

Our package design allows for easy handling of the product so to minimize any risk of cross contamination of the raw feed with household kitchen surfaces.  It can easily go from package to dog dish without any contact with your hands. 

This packaging allows for easy transition of the frozen food from the freezer to you refrigerator to the dinner dish.  It also permits for a quick thaw in a sink of warm water in case you forgot to previously set it out.

Since dogs (like humans) come in all sorts for shapes, sizes, likes and dislikes, we offer customizable recipes and package sizes.