It's natural to have questions

Where do our products come from?

Made on site right here in Lethbridge or at Praire Meats Ltd. in Coaldale.

Aren’t raw bones dangerous to my dog?

                In truth, potentially, but then again any food can present potential hazards to a dog, and this is made evident by dogs dying because they aspirated kibble into their lungs. 

You should also know your dog. This means is your dog a tiny little “nibbler” or a very “enthusiastic” chewer?  Do they hork, gulp or swallow their food whole?

We maintain the approach that you should make an informed decision and always are present when giving your dog any bones.  The following is one of many websites that can help give you more insight on raw feeding and raw bones.


Won’t feeding my dog raw meat make them aggressive?

                This isn’t really a “yes or no” question.  Does your dog already guard their kibble?  If so then switching them to raw will not alleviate that problem, you must fix the guarding issue before you transition them onto raw or you could potentially have some additional issues. 

On the other hand a dog growling while eating may sometimes be misinterpreted as food aggression.  For example, let’s say that child “A” is enjoying a particularly favoured treat and child “B” tries to relieve child “A” from said treat.  It is not uncommon for child “A” to retaliate by hitting, screaming, pushing and/or crying, but we would never view this as a “food aggression”.  However it is not a preferred response from either a child or a canine and we must take the appropriate steps to change the response.



Haven’t dogs digestive tract changed from their ancestors?

                How do I put this, ummmmm…..NO.  Remember, commercially made dog food only began in the 1860’s and it can take thousands of years to adapt and evolve.


Isn’t it way more expensive to feed raw than to feed kibble?

                This depends on many factors:  are you feeding the least expensive brand of kibble available? Then yes.  If you are feeding a mid to high end kibble, then maybe not.  It is understood that the cost of raw may not fit into everyone’s budget, but we believe to be fair in this you must take into account the actual nutritional  value available in kibble versus that which is available in raw.